Three Simple Methods To Strengthen The Vagina

No, we are not talking about going under the surgical scalpel. We are talking about natural things you can do to tighten your vagina muscles which can lead to better sex. It’s no surprise that overtime certain factors, such as childbirth, can take their toll on the female body. It’s important to take back your sexual control with these there simple ideas.

First up we have kegels. Unless you have been living under a rock you probably have heard of these pelvic strengthening muscles. They specifically target the weak pelvic floor muscles which have allowed the vaginal walls to slacken. By strengthening these muscles they will help you to have better control over your sexual pleasure. When these muscles are stronger they allow the body to contract with a stronger grip around the penis. This brings more pleasure to you and your partner during intercourse.

Next up we have Geisha or Ben-Wa Balls. These are basically added weights that can used in accordance with kegel exercises to make the workout more intense. Overtime your kegels may not be strengthening enough, or they may just get a little boring. These balls can help to spice up the experience. You want to insert these balls into the vagina and try to stop them from coming out. This is a lot harder than it may seem at first.

Lastly, we have vaginal tightening products, such as V-Tight Gel. These are simple over the counter creams and gels that will help to strengthen the vaginal walls and restore your elasticity. These work typically quicker, but require you to apply the other two methods explained above to see long term results. If you are interested in finding out more about this method be sure to visit some time today.